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I Want To Turn My Business Into An ATM Machine...
I Want You to PERSONALLY Guide Me in Building a Full Marketing Strategy for My Business So That I never waste money on marketing again!

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00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
Here's A Breakdown Of The Entire 8-week Marketing Magic Course
Everything you need to know to take you from Marketing Novice to marketing genius...
Here's A Breakdown Of The Entire 8-week Marketing Magic Course
Everything you need to know to take you from Marketing Novice to marketing genius...
Module 1:
Turn your marketing into an ATM machine, where every $1.00 you spend gives you $10.00 back!
Do you have a marketing budget? You shouldn’t. Because when you properly build your marketing strategy, every dollar that you invest in your marketing will pay you back triple or more. 

This module is going to set you up with the foundations for success so that no amount of revenue is out of reach, plus:
  • How to generate strategic and calculable ROI from marketing
  • Setting a marketing goal
  • Why most marketing money is wasted and how to fix that
  • How to guarantee that your investment in marketing pays you back
Module 2:
How to find the unique aspect of your business that outsells the competition
We operate in a global marketplace where no matter what you’re selling, 5-other people who look and sound just like you, or maybe better, are selling the same thing. 

How do you stand out and get the best clients and customers happy to pay your price? You’ll learn that in this module, plus:
  • How to develop your own brand
  • Find your uniqueness that stands out from the competition
  • Create the right logo at low cost
  • Pull together various talents to create one business entity
  • Find your brand archetype that will guide all communications
Module 3:
How to find unlimited ideal clients and customers
You ever wonder why that perfect client said no to you? Maybe it wasn’t the right offer. Maybe you didn’t position yourself correctly. Maybe it wasn’t the right time. What if it was just you?

In this module you’ll learn about:
  • Choosing the right target audience
  • Creating client filters (Building your customer avatar so you know them better than they do)
  • How to position yourself in the marketplace among your competition
  • The tricks to set yourself up as high-end, mid-range or low-end as you wish
Module 4:
The right thing, in the right place, at the right price
Up until this point, you’ve developed a stronger brand and positioned yourself more strategically in your marketplace. Are your prices reflecting who you are now? They should! 

This module will take your through a deeper understanding of what you sell, how you present it, and how much you should be charging. You’ll also learn:
  • An understanding of pricing psychology
  • Building an irresistible offer (service or product)
  • How to create service products including packages, courses etc.
  • How to set up a physical location to maximize sales (even in service business or home office)
Module 5:
PROMOTION (ads on steroids)
Understanding the best ways to get your audiences' attention for the lowest price both online AND offline
It seems that everything today is social media or digital marketing, and while it’s great there’s a whole world of offline and online marketing few ever explore. 

The best form of “marketing” for your audience might be where you least expect it and cheaper and simpler than you ever thought imaginable. And that’s what I’ll show you in this module, including:
  • How to market from your place of strength for little to no money
  • How many printed and online marketing materials you need and what they should look like
  • How to shift advertising strategy from starting out to scaling
  • Bonus: Social Media Magic (Understanding organic and PPC social media and how to maximize each platform)
  • Bonus: Website Training (Understanding them, best practices, and best tools to use)
  • Bonus: SEO basic to advanced, the good, the bad and and cheating scammers who take your money for nothing
  • Bonus: Email marketing 101
Module 6:
How to have THAT conversation and sell, even if you’re not the salesy type
Technology has made running our businesses ten times easier. We can sell our services online, we can advertise to massive audiences, but there’s one thing you’ll always need no matter how much innovation is out there: Verbal sales. 

Relationships and human connection is what closes those big deals which is why what you say and how you say it is so crucial. In this module, you’ll learn:
  • How to sell even if you aren't the salesy type and convert leads into dollars
  • How to craft that verbal pitch for no-more awkward meetings or networking events
  • ​How to have a pitching conversation for networking, over the phone, and in meetings
  • How to move from conversation to closing the deal
  • Follow-up protocols that will double your conversion rate- without being salesy!
  • Bonus: Trade Show/Conference Selling
Module 7:
Creating a self-sustaining sales cycle
When you’re prospecting, do you have a documented process on the simplest and shortest way to convert a lead into a client? YOU DO NOW. 

This module is all about creating the path of least resistance to make sales close FLAWLESSLY and REPETITIVELY. You’re also going to learn:
  • How to build strategic word of mouth
  • The 5-step process to turn leads into customers
  • ​How to get more value out of each of your clients
  • How to stop spending money on marketing while it keeps working for you
Module 8:
Turning all the knowledge you've learned into a marketing strategy
  • Create your marketing map
  • Build an action plan
  • Build your marketing budget
  • What you need to see in order to continue investing
  • Finalizing your personal business marketing plan

Sign Up Now And Get These Bonuses...

Real Value $5,997
  • ​Exclusive live weekly group coaching with Estie
  • Private Social Media network
  • Full support from Estie and the Strand Team
  • Group support as you go on the journey
Deep dive on the top marketing techniques for small business owners to do yourself or delegate.
Real Value $3,274
  • ​Bonus training from Estie on organic social media marketing, email marketing, trade shows and more!
  • Expert trainings on Facebook ads, Google ads and YouTube ads
  • The ultimate training on word-of-mouth referral marketing
  • And more!
Podcast Authority
Everything you need to know to launch your own podcast and/or to become a sought after guest on other shows.
Real Value $2,447
  • ​How to choose the right show topic and name
  • The tech equipment and software to record, edit and publish your show
  • How to get top guests on your show
  • How to become a guest on other shows
Linkedin Maximization
Turn connections into clients and maximize LinkedIn for influence and sales.
Real Value $697
  • ​4 steps to maximize your profile and activities to turn turn connections into sales
  • LinkedIn basic bootcamp for newbies to the platform
  • Video captioning mastery for LinkedIn social videos
  • VA ghoster training to have someone manage LinkedIn for you
Client Management Method
Creating appropriate client boundaries so you always get paid and never get stuck
Real Value $1,997
  • ​Making sure to get the right clients in and keep the wrong ones out
  • Building personal time and deadline boundaries
  • Setting up your payment schedule so you don’t get stuck
  • Firing clients gracefully when need be
  • ​Framing solid client contracts to avoid misunderstandings later on
Ultimate Mrktr Hiring Guide
Make sure whomever you hire does the best job possible for you (and maximize the return on the money you pay them)
Real Value $494
  • ​The best screening test for all marketers
  • How to tell if you’ll like what your designer will create for you
  • Understanding the benefits of the various hiring options in the marketplace (freelancers, agencies, online services, in-house vs. outsourced)
  • The direction and instruction you need to give your marketing hires to make sure your investment pays off
"DOne-For-YOU" Checklists, Scripts, And Templates
A repository of our best outlines and marketing language so you can just edit and go!
Real Value $494
  • ​Sample sales scripts, online and offline
  • Email and regular marketing campaign checklists
  • Contract samples
  • Follow up sales scripts
Every question you were going to ask, answered (plus some you didn’t even think of)
Real Value $2,297
  • ​60+ bonus hours of Q+A content from past cohorts
  • All questions annotated and time stamped so you can find the answer to almost any question you could have

Here's Everything You Get When You Sign Up Today...
Marketing Magic 8-Week Course
(Value $4,997)
8-Weeks of Group Coaching
(Value $5,997)
Marketing Tactics Bonus Vault
(Value $3,274)
Podcast Authority
(Value $2,447)
LinkedIn maximization
(Value $697)
Ultimate Marketer Hiring Guide
(Value $494)
DFY Checklists, Templates and Scripts
(Value $494)
Coaching Vault
(Value $2,297)
Total Value: $20,697
If you want me to personally guide you in building a full marketing strategy for your business so that you never waste money on marketing again, then...
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There's literally nO-RISK because I'm Giving you A...
BETTER Than Money Back Guarantee...
I want to make this decision a “no brainer” for you. Try Marketing Magic for 30 days... 

If you don't see the results in your business, email your completed worksheets to us at info@strandconsulting.net and not only will I refund you... I'll PAY YOU $200 for wasting your time.

This is a very reasonable guarantee, and I hope you can see why we’re doing it like this. 

It takes time to coach people through the program, so we’re dedicating a lot of energy to helping you.

You risk nothing, as long as you give it a try.
Get Started Today...
What time are the classes going to take place?
The cohort begins November 9th, 2020 when you will be given access to all the course materials. Every Thursday, beginning November 12th there will be a live coaching call with Estie at 12:30 PM EST where all your questions will be answered and hot seats given.
How much time do I need to dedicate to get the most out of this course?  
You will want to set aside 3-6 hours for each of the 8 weeks to maximize your investment. This will cover the 1.5 hours of learning materials, 1.5 hours of the coaching call and we recommend dedicating another 1-2 hours per week to completing your worksheets and to implement and build your strategy.
Who is this course for?
The materials and strategies we will learn in this course are for all small to mid-size business owners ranging from people just getting started who want to turn an idea into money, to existing business owners in year 1-5 who want to be effective in their marketing, to established business owners with decades of experience who want to get up to date on all the latest marketing techniques and make sure that they hire the right people to help them.
What if I can't attend the live sessions?
No worries, all coaching sessions are recorded and your submitted questions will be answered even if you are not present.
Will I get the one-on-one attention I need to apply this for me?
Yes, the group coaching is where you can ask all your questions and get them answered as they apply to you as well as get a hot-seat for live guidance.
My clients all come from word of mouth. Will this course still help me?  
YES! Word of mouth is something that can and should be cultivated. We'll focus on that in our Sales module.
What will a session look like?
Sessions take place in a live online classroom, with a video of the instructor and notes on screen. The course is built for both auditory and visual learners.
How do I apply what I learn to my business?
You can ask business specific questions as part of the course and we will answer those both in the private network as well as during live calls where we will hot-seat business owners and work out their strategy with them live. The VIP option includes a weekly one-on-one review with our strategists. If you would like more personal attention, that may be a better option for you.
Can I pay in installments?
Yes, we have a payment plan for those who would like to pay in smaller amounts.

Here's What People Are Saying About Marketing Magic:

"Estie Rand's "Marketing Magic" course could be renamed "All you need to know to start a small business". Esti does a masterful job of summarizing and organizing the basic principles of creating a business, and directs it to the micro-business owner. Anyone who's been in business for several years, and learned many hard lessons from trial and error, will wish they had such a course when they were starting out. I, whole-heartedly recommend this course to anyone intending to start a business."

-Dovid Preil, Real Estate Investment

"After years of being somewhat lost regarding marketing, Estie Rand showed us how to analyze and understand our business and how we should be marketing properly. We found her knowledge of marketing and business in general to be really impressive and Estie's teaching skills are very clear and concise. Highly recommended for anyone looking to understand the dynamic of marketing."

-Steve Wizel, Printing Services

"The Marketing Magic course has been amazing! It made me think deeply about the essence of my business and how to strategically grow it. I can’t wait to implement what we learned."

-Rochel Zelkovitz, Interior Designer
"Through the past 2 months, when I started listening, interacting, back-stepping, thinking and releasing preconceived notions, I was promised a product. I received a whole lot more from Estie and her team. Estie completely over - delivered in more than 2 ways. I am of the firm conviction that the newfound confidence I have in my product and in the framework to grow it and further develop it, will only continue.
Thank you Estie. "

-Melech Mann, Therapist
"I signed up for Estie’s marketing course because I was burdened by confusion and inexperience. Marketing Magic helped me dig deep, find my core and align my business strategies with its core values. I now have a strong understanding of my brand, my customer avatar, my marketing strategy and what I might do in the future. This course has inspired confidence and clarity and empowered me to make the right decisions when it comes to spending money on marketing."

-Yitty Glauber, Graphic Designer
"At first, I was overwhelmed with so many business ideas. Marketing Magic helped me narrow it down as I learned to dig to find my core. I am definitely have peace of mind now knowing what I need to focus on to succeed. I am glad I choose to take this very essential to my success course!"

-Esther Yad
"I entered Marketing Magic- in confusion and frustration, over various aspects in my business. Marketing Magic came through as being not only a strategic business implementation plan but a life-altering course of introspection and exploration. The methods, systems and profound clarification molded my business model and plan as a whole entity individual to my uniqueness. The accessibility of the staff and precise guidance by Tami Fank- VIP strategist, definitely enhanced the program in a smooth manner. Estie's combination of sheer genius,total presence, and connection to diverse client's concerns is a true inspiration. I definitely graduated Marketing Magic with clarity and specific direction. I believe my business will become a greater pleasure to work in as per its detailed organization- garnered from Marketing Magic. I absolutely feel way more secure in my business and grounded as never before. Marketing Magic in its broad complexity, as taught by Estie Rand truly allows for business expansion and steady growth. "

-Zipora Gordon, Publisher
"I was ready to rebrand my business and expand, but I lacked a clear roadmap and knowledge of how to go about it. I knew i didn't want to spend the next few months wasting time and money figuring out the best way to go about it. So thankfully I joined Marketing Magic and it has given me the clarity and tools I need in a deep and thorough way. I know know what my next steps are and I feel much more confident in this new journey. I highly recommend Marketing Magic to anyone starting or expanding their business.
Thank you Estie!"

-Simcha Reiz, Couture Gowns
"Being part of Marketing Magic was a life-changing experience for me. It was enjoyable and entertaining as well as very informative. I started the course because I wanted to know how to continue to grow my business; besides for getting great advice and help on doing that I also learned what I was doing wrong, and how I have wasted so much money on what I thought was the right thing to do. I am looking forward to continuing to implement the new skills I learned with Estie and get my business to the next level."

-Rivka Gourarie, Kidswear Retail Owner
"I had a desire to move from employee, to providing private services. I’m an expert in my field, but freaked out when I realized I was clueless about running a business. I signed up for marketing magic not knowing what to expect. Estie broke apart each aspect of the business model into bite size pieces. It was a journey of self-discovery, for me as a person, and as a business owner. Estie’s tone of excitement and energetic vibes, pulled me in and helped me make my vision turn into a plan of action towards my goal. I went from no business plan at all, to owning a high quality marketing strategy, in just a few weeks.
Now, I feel ready and confident to go out and launch my business."

-Sarah Goldsztein
I am a startup with a great idea but too nervous to start implementing it myself by doing whatever i fancy rather than following a strategy. So the idea just sat in my mind, developing, for days, weeks, months. Until i encountered 'Marketing Magic.
.Marketing Magic, with my VIP, helped me figure out the key foundations, starting from under the ground until a full blossoming business. It is due to this that I feel i have the tools and the confidence to actually go out there and hopefully turn my dream into reality. In conclusion, THANK YOU FOR THE EXPERIENCE!

-Shifra Rakow, Start-up Founder
"Before Marketing Magic, I was dizzy with information overload. My marketing to-do list was never-ending but I was unsure about how to prioritize and unsure about what would bring the best ROI. Marketing Magic took me from confusion to clarity. The content is mind-blowing, the charts are brilliantly formatted, and the concepts are structured in a step-by-step, empowering way. Marketing Magic consolidated the knowledge I already had and provided me with a wealth of new content and skills. Now I'm perfectly clear about my next steps and am excited to implement them. Thank you!"

-Ruchy Honig
"I have an MBA from Columbia University, and I minored in marketing. The Marketing Magic program not only covers the fundamentals I learned in business school, it does it better and faster. Estie Rand not only teaches all the elements of marketing, she puts the pieces together, so a student understands the relationships among them."

-Franklin Piuck

"Very informative practical class. Due to life circumstances, I didn't have the chance to practice the teachings actually, but as far as I see each session was PACKED with useful advice. It was very clear and as the whole and in detail. Not trying to suite me into a certain box but rather seeing what works for me."

-Joseph Schwarz, Financial Manager

"After hearing a few free webinars from Estie Rand I decided to jump in and try the full course. I was totally blown away from what I learned and very appreciated at getting familiar with all the jargon. Jargon is a language and like any language, unless you know it, you can’t understand what people are saying. In the same way, I’m able to understand so much that’s out there in the world of marketing and branding. Thank you so much Estie for a great course."

-Devorah Weitzman, Graphic Designer

"Marketing Magic is a brilliant course that distills all of the fundamentals of marketing into several very easy to learn, very exciting lessons and worksheets. If you're a business owner or manager and you're concerned about wasting money on marketing, Marketing Magic is definitely the course that you should be taking. "

-Yehudah Greenberg, Marketing 
"This course has lifted a weight off my shoulders. I have been struggling with my private practice for years, going at it without a clear direction and goal, and not knowing how to effectively get it off the ground to become something substantially profitable. Just thinking about it was overwhelming. I may have lots of information and help to offer people, but without a good marketing design, I was unable to attract those clients.Estie’s course was exactly what I needed to get a handle on the marketing aspect of my business! She is extremely personable and provided so much support and information to simplify the process, and make me see that this is something that I can do. Each part of the course was organized and filled plenty of information. I am so happy I enrolled in this course. Was worth every penny! Thank you Estie!"

-Norma Saff, Nutritionist
"I am a wig stylist. It is an oversaturated market in my community. I was having a hard time growing my clientele. I was having a hard time standing out and differentiating myself from my competitors. I was having a hard time growing and scaling. I was having a hard time in my head with the jumble of grand ideas that were popping in faster than I can breathe, and how to carry them out and when. So I've made several attempts with business coaches, mentors, advisors, and gurus (!) but I wasn't successful. Now after taking Marketing Magic, I know where they have failed. They only focused on one little part of marketing. Where as Estie focuses on the greater picture. She goes from the bottom up and guides all along this journey. I now have a plan in place. I know where I am in my market. I no longer feel part of an oversaturated market because I am unique! Clarity, happiness, and empowerment is what this course gave me!!"

-Rachel Kohn, Wig Stylist
"If you're ready to start a business or grow an existing one and feel lost or overwhelmed, this course gives you the framework and methodology to create the growth you seek. When you sit and actually do the work, the anxiety is lifted. There is a framework to put your thoughts down in an organized, methodical way, that builds on itself, week over week, so that you can always refer back to your initial motivation and vision, but execute on it step by step, so that you can actually create the reality you envision. This course gives you the tools and the real-road guide of what to do to get the results you want from yourself and from your business AND the methodology can be applied to almost any area of your life where you want to achieve a certain outcome. Great job Estie. Thank you."

-Rivky Rogin
"I heard Estie Rand is the real deal, and that the Marketing Magic course is worthwhile. If you want to experience a real pro in action, this is it. She walks the walk - you can see how she actually practices what she preaches and it works. But much more important, the way she can communicate concepts to the uninitiated in a clear manner and make us consider and think about things was worth as much as the material itself. Not only an expert in many aspects of marketing, but also a masterful teacher. She taught us a lot, and I'm thankful for the experience. "

-Nathan Arnstein
"Estie is an amazing person to work with before and after everything she really cares about the success of her clients and coming from a place of "doing good". She combines qualities that normally are not found together in one person: amazing analyzing ability, creativity, organizing things in a clear and understandable structure, great teaching ability and a great sense of humor on top of all that. In a world full of business counselors, Estie is one of a kind. Her unique approach to small business treating them as big firms is a real innovation. Estie will take you to build a full building where most people think you only need interior designing. Estie will take your business to a deep surgical operation where most people only give you a band aid."


"Estie Rand is brilliant and full of creative solutions to help small businesses grow (from the core:). Before I started this course, I knew I had a good service offering, but I didn't know how to package, price and promote it. Estie walked us through the process of identifying what is unique about our service and how to effectively tell the world about it. She also guided us to think creatively about what our products and services are and how to provide more value to our prospective clients. I found the class on Sales Pitch most effective since sales was definitely my weak spot and I began implementing Estie's advice the very same day of the class. This course has been invaluable to me."

-Faige Katz, Career Counselling
"Marketing Magic was immensely helpful as I am setting up a business. The material is relevant, practical, and hands on, and Estie and her team use humor, warmth, and years of experience to show each participant how much they are capable of. It was a worthwhile investment!?"

-Shifra Rabinowitz

"I am in the middle of module 1 and I wanted to tell you how you are giving more than your money's worth! It is so informative and quality content. I hope it continues in future weeks. Have a great day!"

-Chanie Wallin, Retail Business Owner
"Estie’s course was a real eye opener for me. Before taking this course we were aimlessly doing things in our business. The most important thing I gained from this course is that everything and I mean EVERYTHING in business must be strategic. From target audience to pricing to sales and advertising. Nothing should be done without thought and calculation. I now feel that I have strong ground work to continue building on."

-Liba Nussbaum,  Retail Business Owner

"I originally saw a post of Estie's on LinkedIn for her FREE 5 day challenge course. I thought, why not? I have the time and it never hurts to learn something new to improve my business. After day 1 I was hooked. The information she gave away for free over those 5 days was immensely helpful and worth probably thousands of dollars if you had to hire an outside consultant. Because of that I decided to sign up for her 8 week Marketing Magic marketing course.

Again, an amazing level of value for the cost and it has caused me to really look at my business and my marketing plan. The group portal to be able to give and receive feedback on every part of our marketing plans is invaluable and the weekly live calls with Estie are amazingly helpful. I don't think any of them ended on time because she is so thorough in her answers and making sure that what she is conveying is understood. 

Because of these courses I now am much more focused on who I need to market to and how I need to market to them. Solving their 2 am problem will be second nature going forward and I won't be wasting money on marketing ever again.

I couldn't recommend Estie and her team any more highly. From people just starting out in business to those that have been operating for 10+ years you can't go wrong hiring Estie and working with her. The collaboration is key.

-Adam Kinhtila, Accountant

"When you take #marketingmagic you receive the benefit of Estie's vast and intimate knowledge of the ins and outs of marketing. She will help you understand the core of your business model and develop your growth from that point onward to greater professional success. Thank you Estie!"
-Devorah Jonas, Divorce Counselor
"I highly highly recommend Markieting Magic! There was so much information packed in. It should be called business 101!"

-Chaya, Graphic Designer
"Estie's weekly classes have been very motivational, educational, and encouraging. They are a great asset to any business at any stage. There is always room to grow and expand, and Estie's detailed, personalized workshops involve improving the entire spectrum of needs of all types of businesses and entrepreneurs. Thank you! "

-Chanie Shusterman
"I feel as though this course inspired me to really go after my goals. I learned that staying focused is key to seeing a desired outcome. I also believe Esti instilled a certain confidence in me in the way I present my business to potential clients. That is after I was directed to finding who I consider my target audience."

-Pessy Miller, Couture Gown Store
"Estie you really gave me confidence and focus to be able to grow my business and move it to the next level."

-Shaindy, Graphic Designer

"Thank you Estie for such a well-organized and cohesive Marketing Course! There was so much information and practical guidance provided. (not to mention Estie's awesome Personality!!!) Obviously the implementation is what we will need to concentrate on now, but with so much to learn from, I look forward to implementing Marketing Magic!!"

-Chaya Altman, Web Designer
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